Friday, 25 July 2014

another blanket

One more blanket finished this time in natural colours I've had lots of ahs and ohs already when Ii was working on it at the craftmarket.

the next one has been started already - this time in purple and lilac

Friday, 11 July 2014

A while ago Jo altered some wooden tea chests and wrote an article about it in a Dutch magazine.
I fell in love with them straight away and they are a favourite with new parents.
I've now had an request/ order for some for teenagers too; any ideas what to put on them?.

Monday, 16 June 2014

Step back in time

Another page for my heritage album. I want to get this one printed now and am doing the last pages.
Just puzzling how to knit it all together.

Of course it's mostly Anna Aspnes goodies with a few bits from  Studio Manu thrown in as well.

Once this book is printed I am going to use the new Fotoservice from Digiscrap , it's owned by  people who know all about scrapping ( one of them is a designer)  . They run the Dutch Digiscrap forum and know exactly what us scrappers would like our books to be. They are always open to suggestions . At the Digiscrapweekend we could see the quality of the books they are printing and I for one am very interested in giving it  a go.

Friday, 23 May 2014


A post I made but never published - It was done ages ago. OOps

I've been busy with the new challenges at Oscraps, you can check them out here

the theme challenge which was Heritage


do you hate it as much as i do to be in  a photograph? The person you see does not look like what you have in mind.
But as I'm on the CT of Maya de Groot at Oscraps  and her new kit is all about SELFIES I did make one of myself.


the blanket is finished and has been claimed  by the new owner

Sunday, 27 April 2014

crochet blanket =nearly there

nearly there with my single blanket which is to be for Jennifer the granddaughter. And then it's getting down to the tedious job of working away all the loose strands on the sides. That 's a good job to do when at the knitting club as you don't need to concentrate and can natter at the same time.

my next blanket is going to be with only 5 or 6 colours